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Nipigon District Memorial Hospital

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 Nipigon District Memorial Hospital

Strategic Plan 2020




Partnering for

A Healthier




The Hospital delivers excellence in rural health care with our partners for all

residents in our communities



Patient and

Resident Centred,

Integrity, Respect,




Patients, residents

and their families

are at the centre of everything we do


Patient and Resident Experience


Enhance the patient and resident experience




Invest in our people




Build seamless transitions and

provide integrated care


1. Grow and develop patient, resident and family centred care


a.      Educate staff, physicians and volunteers

b.      Expand the Patient and Family Advisory Council

c.       Integrate Patient and Family Advisors into hospital operations

d.      Implement key clinical tactics


2. Enhance the quality of care


a.      Implement the Quality Framework to change behaviour and practice

b.      Implement at least one RNAO Best Practice Guideline annually

c.       Expand best practice Order Set adoption


3. Enhance the transitions in care on discharge


a.      Integrate Patient Oriented Discharge Summary Framework into discharge plan

b.      Provide enough information on discharge


1. Support professional development to enhance the experience of care


a.      Educate and support staff to adopt best practices

b.      Develop staff through annual professional goal setting

c.       Integrate simulation as a learning tool


2. Engage and support staff in organizational transformation


a.      Develop shared understanding of the vision for service integration

b.      Staff to participate in the design of transformation activities

c.       Educate and prepare staff


3. Enhance the environment to promote health, safety and well-being


a.      Develop a safer work environment

b.      Organization committed to wellness

1. Integrate the Hospital and Family Health Team as part of organizational transformation


a.      Design integrated governance structure

b.      Develop service agreements


2. Coordinate seamless delivery of care between the Family Health Team and the Clinic


a.      Build relationships

b.      Reorganize patient flow

c.       Facilitate shared access to patient information


3. Identify key partnerships to fulfill organizational transformation


a.      Identify operating position

b.      Explore potential partners

c.       Develop partnership agreement





·         Patients and residents are satisfied

·         No harmful events

·         Patients report enough information related to discharge



·         Professional development activities are patient and resident centred

·         Staff are engaged



·         Right care in the right place at the right time

·         Organizational sustainability