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Abdomen & Pelvic Ultrasound

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Instructions for Preparation

Your physician has requested that you have an ultrasound examination. During the examination a gel will be applied to your skin and an ultrasound probe will be placed on your skin. In order to perform the examination, it is essential that your bladder be full to visualize the pelvic structures and organs.

Prepare for the examination by -

  1. Avoiding gas producing foods such as beans and carbonated beverages for 24 hours before the examination.
  2. DO NOT eat anything for 12 hours before the examinatin.
  3. Empty your bladder 90 minutes before the examination and then drink 40 ounces or 1.5 litres of water prior to the appointment time.  You must finish drinking all of the water 1 hour before your appointment.
  4. DO NOT  empty your bladder.  However, if you become extremely uncomfortable you may empty your bladder a small amount.


Please remember that this procedure is a schedule appointment time that has been set aside for you. If you are unable to make the appoinbtment, please notify the department as soon as possible.

Please note that the technologist is not permitted to provide any interpretation of the examination or pictures of the examination.