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Nipigon District Memorial Hospital


Patient Safety Indicators

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Publically reporting patient safety indicators aligns with the mandate to monitor and report on Ontario’s health care system to the public.
Public reporting also increases transparency and accountability, and supports quality improvement efforts.


Improving patient safety is about creating an environment that is transparent and committed to change. This is the mandate of the government's Patient Safety Initiative.
The government announced public reporting of eight indicators on May 28, 2008 as part of a comprehensive plan to create an unprecedented level of transparency in Ontario’s hospitals. A Public Hospitals Act (PHA) regulatory amendment, effective July 28, 2008, requires hospitals to publicly report on patient safety indicators related to hospital-acquired infections, actions undertaken to reduce such infections, and mortality. Under Regulation 965 of the PHA, hospitals are required to disclose the results of each indicator through their website.
As of 2010 Ontario hospitals publicly report on nine patient safety indicators. 

NDMH Patient Safety Indicator Public Report, 2020