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Nipigon District Memorial Hospital


Board of Directors

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The Board Directors of Nipigon District Memorial Hospital /Nipigpn District Famlily Health Team exercise the power vested in them in good faith and honesty in order to further the purposes for which the Hospital and Family Health Team were created.  They act in what they consider to be the best interests of the Hospital/Family Health Team each exercising his/her unfettered discretion in decision making.  Ex-Officio Directors including the Chief of Staff, Chief Executive Officer , Chief Nursing Executive and Executive Director fulfill the same duty to the corporation but do not have the right to exercise a vote.


        Membership 2019/20

  • Kal Pristanski,  Chair                                                         
  • Nancy Gladun, Vice Chair
  • Edward Wawia, Director
  • Eric Rutherford, Director
  • James Foulds, Director
  • Gordon Mackenzie, Director
  • Robert Beatty, Director


  • Ex-Officio Members
  • David G. Murray, President & Chief Executive Officer / Secretary
  • Cathy Covino, Chief Nursing Executive/Chief Operating Officer
  • Shannon Jean,  Executive Director, FHT/ NDMH Community Services
  • Dr. Ravinder Dhaliwal,  Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Doug Scott, FHT Lead
  • Dr. Robert Foulds, President Medical Advisory Committee