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Alternate Level of Care

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When a patient is occupying a bed in a hospital and does not require the intensity of resources/services provided in this care setting (Acute, Complex Continuing Care, Mental Health, or Rehabilitation), the patient must be designated Alternate Level of Care (ALC) at that time bt a physician.  The ALC wait period starts at the time of designation and ends at the time of discharge/transfer to a discharge destination (or when the patient's condition changes and the designation of ALC no longer applies.)


ALC Costs

When it becomes necessary to wait in our Acute Care setting for placement to a long term care facility, you will be charged a co-payment for the daily cost of your hospital stay.

This fee is administered by the Ministry of Health and is determined according to the Notice of Assessment from your most recent Income Tax Return.  This documentation must be provided to the Business Office.  Failure to do so, will result in the maximum daily charges for your hospital stay.


Focus on Wellness

As an Alternate Level of Care patient we will focus on your wellness.  Many of your routines will be similar to those you would have at home.  You will dress daily in your own clothing and be invited to participate in activities that the Hospital has to offer.  Your medications will be provided by the Hospital and we will continue to monitor your vitals, physical and emotional wellbeing.


For more information on Alternate Level of Care at Nipigon Hospital, contact our Chief Nursing Officer at                                                       (807) 887-3026 Extension 260 or by email at