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Nipigon District Memorial Hospital


Commitment to Privacy

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The Nipigon District Memorial Hospital is committed to the protection of individual privacy, the confidentiality of records, and the security of information.

The Nipigon District Memorial Hospital collects, uses, discloses and retains personal information for the purposes of:

  • Direct patient care
  • Administration and management of the health care system
  • Quality assurance and utilization management
  • Complying with legal and regulatory requirements

In the interests of efficient and safe delivery of care, we assume that consent for NDMH to handle your personal information for identified legitimate purposes is implied by the fact that you are attending to NDMH for your care. Notwithstanding, you may withdraw consent (in writing) at any time.

Upon request, you have a right of access to, and correction of, your own personal information.

Everyone who works with patient information at NDMH is trained in the appropriate use of that information and knows that it is available to them only for use in your care or for other limited but legitimate reasons. A violation of confidentiality is not tolerated.

Be assured that your information is stored in a safe and secure way that protects your privacy.


If you have any questions about the privacy of your personal information, or about related polices and practices, you may contact our Privacy Officer, Tammy Barr, at 887-3026 ext 242.